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Services:  Repair, Rebuild, Installation and Training

Kitagawa – NorthTech offers the highest level of workholding solutions, global engineering collaboration and exceptional customer service support throughout North and South America.

Engineering and Design

We have a full staff of design engineers to offer a high level of engineering capability. Our philosophy is to offer custom top tooling (jaws, locators, etc.) designed to work with an “out of the box” production manufactured chuck. Our engineers perform a full project review with the customer to get an in depth understanding of their application. After the review the engineer is able to provide a concept drawing to discuss with the customer. Once the final concept is agreed on by the customer detail designs are completed and production begins.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom engineered solutions are just one of the products we manufacture in the US at our Kitagawa-NorthTech facility in Schaumburg, IL. We also manufacture soft jaws, adaptor plates, T-Nuts, chip cover plugs and more!

Chuck Repair

We have a full service shop in our facility to offer our customer’s Kitagawa brand factory certified repair work – the ONLY certified repair center for Kitagawa brand chucks in the US. The process starts with the disassembly of the chuck or cylinder for full cleaning and inspection. After inspection the customer is consulted to determine the best course of action, repair or replace. If repair is determined to be the best course of action, the repair will be completed using only Kitagawa original parts. After the repair is complete the chuck or cylinder is mounted to a test stand for functionality and accuracy testing. Cylinders undergo full pressure testing, along with our standard functionality tests, to ensure that what we send out is properly repaired.

NEW! We also offer comprehensive on-site repair services to meet the needs of machine shops requiring minimal down-time for repairs. Our service allows operations to save time and money on shipping damaged components to a repair center, which can cost operations thousands of dollars in lost revenue. We will dispatch expert technicians to your facility to analyze the workholding and provide an immediate, in-person diagnosis of the problem. Service time is cut drastically and can be completed within one day, depending on the difficulty of the restoration. During the evaluation and repair, our technicians will educate operators on preventative maintenance processes.

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Hydraulic Cylinder

Kitagawa – NorthTech is the certified repair center for Kitagawa brand actuators. We have years of experience rebuilding Kitagawa actuators and now can put this expertise to use in rebuilding your other brands of actuators.Autoblok®           Samchully®           Howa           Nikko           Matsumoto           and many more!


Does your actuator leak oil? Does your actuator make funny noises? Does your actuator run hot? Do you get coolant in your hydraulic oil?

If yes please call 800-222-4138 or email us. All actuators are fully pressure tested and checked for run out to ensure that what you receive back is like new!

Rotary Table

Kitagawa – NorthTech is a certified repair center for Kitagawa Rotary Tables. Has your rotary table crashed? Does your rotary table leak air or oil? Has your rotary table lost positional accuracy? Do you get errors on your rotary tables controller? If yes please call 800-222-4138 or contact us.

We have years of experience repairing Kitagawa rotary tables. All repairs go through a full testing process to ensure that what you receive back is like new!

repairing a rotary table


As part of our full array of service offerings, we will do installation of our products for the customer. This gives the customer piece of mind knowing that everything is done to factory specifications. Our installation team is experienced in the installation of standard chuck packages to full turnkey systems. Contact us

Dynamic Balancing

Along with installation we offer in field dynamic balancing for those applications that are out of balance. After the workholding is installed on the machine we will utilize dynamic balancing equipment to balance the workholding on the spindle so the entire turning system is in balance. This improves surface finish, speed, workholding longevity and performance and machine life. Contact us

Test Cutting

As part of our ongoing mission to provide the best solution for an application we can do test cutting in our facility of a customers part. This will only be done after every component of the workholding system passes inspection and testing. This service can give the customer peace of mind knowing that their parts have been cut using a program supplied by them. The customer also has a good idea of the results they can expect once the workholding arrives at their facility. Contact us

Preventative Maintenance

As part of our ongoing mission to help our customer’s keep their workholding performing and minimize downtime, we offer a preventative maintenance program. We can set a customer up to have routine visits from our maintenance personnel to perform preventative maintenance at their facility. Our technicians will perform scheduled maintenance, tear down, inspect, clean and reassemble on any of our chucks the customer wants to have serviced. In addition, we can offer a full analysis of two and three jaw chuck grip forces. Using our wireless grip force meter we can determine whether or not a chuck is performing to specifications both dynamically and at rest. These services can greatly reduce downtime and improves the performance and longevity of our workholding systems. Contact us


Our training service is designed to help our customers maximize the longevity and usefulness of our products. We will come out to the customer’s facility and train as many people as desired. The training will be customized to the customers needs to ensure maximum benefit for all who attend. Some of the topics we can cover include, installation, maintenance, safety and proper use. Contact us



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