Machine Tool

Next generation standard chuck
BR series

High gripping accuracy transforming conventional machining methods improves factory productivity.

Product introduction

BR series' feature

1Gripping accuracy of 0.01 mm T.I.R.* or less has transformed standard machining methods.

* Only for BR12, the gripping accuracy is 0.015mm T.I.R.

This chuck can also be used for finishing process.

2Reduced jaw-lift

Stable gripping accuracy, Improved stability during transferring workpieces in sub-spindle lathes

3Interchangeable with Kitagawa B-200 and BB200 chucks
4Modern appearance

Body with rounded corner edge, dedicated QR code to access technical information

With the optional dedicated T-nuts it will become more accurate BR-Plus.
Additional features as BR-Plus

1Maintaining a repeatability of 0.01 mm T.I.R.* or less after changing jaws eliminates jaw-reforming

* Only for BR12, the repeatability is 0.015mm T.I.R.

This shortens the setup changing time substantially.

2Workpieces which have been gripped with parent-child jaws so far might be gripped with monoblock jaws. It reduces jaw height and weight.

The chuck can rotate at higher speed so that the surface roughness is improved as well as reducing cycle time.

2Kitagawa soft jaws on your shelves can be used.

Demonstration video of BR-Plus

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