About Kitagawa

Since its founding in 1918, Kitagawa has established its own technological capabilities whilst supporting Japan's global manufacturing industry. We specialise in three core businesses: the production and development of innovative casting and machining techniques of metal raw materials; supplying power chucks and numerically controlled (NC) rotary tables to the global machine tool industry; constructing custom-made concrete and recycling plants as well as providing construction machinery for various projects, including bridge erection and self-propelled multi-floor parking.
Looking to the future, Kitagawa aims to increase the competitiveness and availability of its products on a global scale, without sacrificing our dedication to maintaining the highest quality production plants throughout the world.

Company information

Company name Kitagawa Corporation
Founded March 1918
Established 28 November 1941
Capital 8,640 million yen
Number of employees
1,364 as of 31 March 2019
Head office Motomachi, Fuchu-shi, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan

Business vision

Kitagawa has four key values to ensure best business practice.
These values serve as action guidelines for all employees at Kitagawa.

The Four values

  • Customer first

    Our customers' satisfaction is our greatest gratification.

  • Honesty and courage

    Honesty and courage earn our greatest respect.

  • Employee satisfaction

    Developing active, independent leaders, who promote awareness and understanding among their contemporaries, is our greatest asset.

  • Innovation

    Our technologies are our greatest source of pride, and pioneering for the future is our greatest challenge.

Business overview

Kitagawa has built a reliable reputation by consistently providing exceptional technology across a variety of manufacturing industries.

The first division specialises in synthetic metals; tackling material development with various casting methods and machining.

Another of Kitagawa's divisions supplies Power Chucks and NC Rotary tables among other accessories to the global machine tool industry. Lastly, Kitagawa's industrial machinery division supplies tower cranes for building construction, concrete mixing plants and multi-story car parking.

Kitagawa is developing globally in these three areas.

Synthetic materials

Our responsive manufacturing production system allows us to satisfy any customer request. This is achieved by utilising our various casting processes and implementing our material development and machining technologies.

Machine tool accessories

A leader in the global supply of Power chucks for turning centres and NC rotary tables for vertical machining centres and other machine tool accessories.

Industrial machinery

Provider of large-scaled concrete mixing plants, tower cranes for building construction and bridge erection machines, as well as recycling plants for the environmental sector and self-propelled multi-floor parking.