Privacy policy

Kitagawa Corporation believes that proper protection of personal information is a social obligation and strives to protect personal information based on the following policy.

1. All employees of Kitagawa Corporation (those engaged in companies regardless of direct employment or indirect employment) use personal information provided by customers within the range necessary for attaining the following objectives.
  • (1) To provide product information, company information, services or related information.
  • (2) To respond to enquiries and consultation concerning our company group's products and services etc.
  • (3) For business communication with customers and maintenance and construction of smooth business relations.
  • (4) For sending necessary documents such as notice of convocation of general meeting of shareholders and for paying dividends etc.
  • (5) In order to operate various events, community activities, campaigns, etc., and to make necessary contacts relating to these etc.
  • (6) In order to consider providing information and adopting hiring after receiving applications and inquiries.
  • (7) Personal Information Protection Law and other purposes for use as permitted by laws and regulations.
2. All employees of Kitagawa Corporation will not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties unless it falls under any of the following:
  • (1) When the customer agrees in advance
  • (2) Based on laws and ordinances
  • (3) In cases where it is necessary for the protection of the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer
  • (4) Cases based on notification / guidance etc. of administrative agencies
3. All employees of Kitagawa Corporation comply with various laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law, and by educating employees, setting persons responsible for handling personal information, conducting audits, etc., we will continuously improve the system of personal information control including this policy. In addition, the Kitagawa Corporation Charter of Corporate Behaviour and Charter of Kitagawa Voluntary Code of Conduct that all employees should comply with are announced, and the other rules that employees should comply with are defined and clarified including appropriate handling of personal information. We will strive to improve our compliance.
4. All employees of Kitagawa Corporation strive to build a management system to protect customers' personal information from unauthorised access, tampering, destruction, leakage, loss, etc., and we will take appropriate safety measures such as implementing rational technical measures, etc.
5. When a customer requests confirmation, correction etc. of the personal information provided by the customer, Kitagawa Corporation will take care of it within reasonable range.
6. We will set up a reception desk for enquiries, complaints and consultation concerning the handling of personal information.