Action philosophy of the Kitagawa group

Kitagawa's corporate vision is based on four core values:

-Customer first
-Honesty and courage
-Employee satisfaction

The Kitagawa group aims to provide value, earn a high level of trust and appreciation from customers.

Kitagawa group, for the purpose of continuing to be a company that is trusted by society, established the Kitagawa Charter of Corporate Behaviour and the Kitagawa voluntary Code of Conduct that should be observed by all officers and employees in Kitagawa group. We will comply with these and will act fairly and sincerely.

The Kitagawa group, by providing consultation hotlines to all who are available to be involved in the business activities, such as officers, employees and their families, business partners and suppliers, prevents compliance violations in advance. We are working to strengthen compliance and thoroughly observe it.

As a company engaged in the business of manufacturing, the Kitagawa Group considers the weight of its social responsibility, observes all laws and ordinances, acts within the social norms rooted in high ethical standards, strives as much as possible to be recognised as a valued company, and will continue to build an even more ethical organisational culture.

I. Kitagawa Charter of Corporate Behavior

1. We will provide customers with gratification and peace of mind

The Kitagawa Group's intention is to provide customer satisfaction. We deliver safe, innovative and high-quality products using superior technology.

2. We will conduct fair and transparent transactions

The Kitagawa Group conducts fair and aboveboard transactions and it understands and complies with all laws and ordinances concerning transactions and their spirit.

3. We will actively disclose information

The Kitagawa Group will disclose timely and proactive information to customers, shareholders, investors and other stakeholders.

4. We will continue to be an honest company

The Kitagawa Group maintains a fair relationship with politics, administration and does not commit bribery or make illegal, political donations or benefits. In addition, we will not support antisocial individuals and organisations that adversely affect social order and the fair activities of companies.

5. We properly handle confidential and personal information and intellectual property

The Kitagawa Group understands the importance and necessity of protection for confidential information. Personal information about our customers will be respected with privacy.
The Kitagawa Group understands the importance and usefulness of intellectual property owned by our companies and employees and will endeavour to protect it from external operators. Equally, the intellectual property rights of third parties will not be at risk of infringement.

6. We will actively address environmental issues

The Kitagawa Group understands the responsibility for environmental protection and will quickly and responsibly overcome any situation which has a harmful effect to a circumstance.

7. We will provide a healthy and safe working environment

Ensuring the health and safety of working people is the basis of proactive business development and a moderate individual life. The Kitagawa Group strives to provide a healthy and safe working environment in compliance with related laws and internal regulations.

8. We will train independent and robust leaders

The Kitagawa Group provides a workplace from a broad perspective based on the expansion of the business domain, changes in business content and spread of business activities both domestically and overseas. It aims to realise an autonomous professional group in which employees grow with the company.

9. We aim for a good corporate citizen

The Kitagawa Group will promote the fusion with local community at each site and strive to foster a good relationship with the contribution to the development of the local community.

10. We contribute to the development of affiliated countries and communities

In promoting international business, the Kitagawa Group will respect the cultures and customs as well as comply with the laws and regulations of each country / community, and contribute to local development.

II. Kitagawa Voluntary Code of Conduct

Observance of laws

  1. We will fulfil our duties in good faith by complying with laws, ordinances and corporate ethics.
  2. We will endeavour to improve internal regulations in order to ensure compliance with laws, ordinances and their spirit.
  3. We will actively collect information on laws and ordinances related to our business activities and utilise every opportunity such as internal education and training to ensure thoroughness within the company.
  4. We recognise the importance of information and handle it appropriately according to prescribed rules in its collection, recording, control, usage and disposal.

About sales activities

  1. We value, respect and listen to our customers' voice and have the patience to understand our customers' intention.
  2. We believe that providing the products and services that our customers appreciate are the purpose of the corporate continuation. We will continue to strive to acquire the highest level of customer satisfaction by pursuing the best value for our customers.
  3. We will comply with laws, internal regulations and social ethics, and will not engage in sales activities that deviate from the range of social common sense.
  4. We will build a corporate constitution that is recognised as a socially valued company and trusted by customers.
  5. We will organise our products and services to provide our customers with the best supply to realise their request.

About production activity

  1. Our first priority is customer's trust in us. We strive to improve the quality of products so that customers can use our products with ease.
  2. We will provide products at reasonable prices and at the right time in order to satisfy customers' request.
  3. We will clearly state how to use the products, caution and warning on danger in order to prevent accidents of customers who use our products.
  4. We all will independently and voluntarily work on problem solving at respective positions and working stations by with a united effort in order to prevent work-related injuries.

About development activities

  1. We will strive to grasp the needs of our customers and aspire to develop products and services that satisfy customers' demands.
  2. We will seek out excellent technologies both inside and outside the country, and venture to research and develop new technologies with originality and enthusiasm.
  3. We will make use of the results of our research and development, contribute to the prosperity of the rich future of the world.
  4. We will protect our intellectual property rights as well as respect intellectual property rights of other companies and do not infringe the rights of others.

About procurement activities

  1. We will not conduct transactions that deviate from laws and regulations. We also consistently look at industry standards and trends and endeavour to deal with this respect.
  2. We strictly evaluate our products and services. We will conduct transactions with efficiency.
  3. We will aim to maintain a healthy relationship with our business partners, and we will not make requests for unjustifiable discounts, services or donations that have abused the position.
  4. We do not have personal interests with any business partners. We do not accept personal benefits such as rewards or gifts.
  5. We will strive to promote transactions with trusted business partners and will not value the companies that are against social norms.
  6. We will not disclose confidential transaction information or any intellectual property provided to us without prior agreement from the individual or company.
  7. We will promote the procurement of environmentally-friendly products and services.

About public relations activities

  1. We will aspire to provide corporate information such as fair and accurate financial information, management policy, business activities, CSR activities etc. of our company to the various customers and shareholders as well as various stakeholders in a timely and simple manner.
  2. We will always receive and distribute accurate information and we will protect confidential information properly.
  3. We will comply with laws and internal regulations and will not conduct insider trading or any acts that may cause suspicion.

About relationship with politics

  1. We will comply with laws and ensure fairness and justice with regard to political activities.
  2. We will maintain a fair and impartial attitude to the officials of the national government, local governments, etc. and will not conduct any act that lacks transparency.

About our relationship with antisocial group activity

  1. We will take a resolute attitude against antisocial activities or groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society and we will not have any relationship with them.
  2. We will confront anti-social activities and abuse of power by collaborating with police and lawyers etc.
  3. If we receive unreasonable demands from antisocial groups, we will not be compromised easily. . We will legally pursue acts of violence by organised crime groups or requesting profits from shareholders.
  4. We will not be influenced by antisocial group activity.

About environmental conservation

  1. We will provide products and services that are conscious of environmental conservation.
  2. We will strive to raise environmental awareness through education and activities, etc. in all business fields, departments and hierarchies.
  3. We will aim to reduce environmental burden and risk in our business activities.
  4. We recognise the responsibility for environmental preservation, and in case of events or circumstances that adversely affect the environment, we will deal with them responsibly and quickly and strive to prevent recurrence.

Our relationship to our employees

  1. We will work together to develop independent professionals.
  2. We will create an open and safe workplace without discrimination based on the thought, creed, religion, race, ethnic group, domicile, body, etc. of the person or without any harassment.
  3. We will manage employee information for business use only.
  4. We will comply with laws and internal regulations to maintain a comfortable working environment.

About Our Contribution to Society

  1. We regularly cooperate with local communities closely and maintain good relations. And we actively cooperate with government agencies and welfare organisations for their activities.
  2. We actively engage in regional and cultural development by providing sponsorships.
  3. We will actively participate in relief and restoration activities when large-scale disasters such as a earthquakes or floods occur within the vicinity.
  4. We will provide the company's facility as an evacuation place when a disaster occurs in the vicinity or there is a fear of it.

About Our Contribution to the International Society

  1. As part of our global business development, we will continue to offer the products and services that have allowed us to be recognised as a valuable company by customers all over the world.
  2. In addition to observing international rules and local laws, we will respect local customs and culture, and we will strive to foster a good relationship with the community contributing to development of the community.
  3. We will strive for sustainable development by harmonising with the international community through closer cooperation with local companies, through corporate activities rooted in the community.