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Thin dual lock chuck
DLR series

Dual lock chuck with high gripping accuracy, lightweight and low inertia

DLR seriesズーム

DLR series

  • 2-step gripping of parallel gripping and pull-lock gripping afterwards ensures workpiece seating without lifting
  • High gripping accuracy of 0.01mm T.I.R.
  • Lightweight and low inertia body
  • Thin body provides a wide processing area
  • High speed rotation with small gripping force is ideal for workpieces that are easily distorted, such as thin workpieces
  • Pull-down amount can be adjusted while attached on the lathe
  • Tnut-Plus can be used (option)
  • Dedicated for outer diameter gripping

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Product Specifications

Model DLR08
Through-hole (mm) 52
Gripping Range (at OD Gripping with Standard Soft Jaws) (mm) Max. 203
Min. 19
Jaw Stroke (Diameter) (mm) 5.5
Plunger Stroke (mm) 12
Max. Draw Bar Pull Force (kN) 24
Max. Static Gripping Force (kN) 60
Max. Speed (min-1) 5000
Dynamic Gripping Force at Max. Speed (kN) 20
Moment of Inertia (kg・m2) 0.095
Thickness (mm) 87
Net Weight (kg) (with Standard Soft Jaws) 17.2
Matching Cylinder SR1453C
Standard Soft Jaws SJ06B1
Tnut-Plus (Option) TN06PLUS
Outline Drawing 2D PDF
3D Parasolid

Note) The 3D data includes two types of the positions of the jaws for both Parasolid and STEP: open end (UC) and closed end (OC).

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