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Basic encoder mounted NC rotary table

High-precision encoder ensures low maintenance

Basic encoder mounted NC rotary tableズーム

Basic encoder mounted NC rotary table

  • Low maintenance
    Eliminates the need for maintenance such as backlash adjustment and pitch error compensation, reducing machine downtime.
  • Stable machining
    Directly detects the index position of the table, improving positioning repeatability. Even with eccentric-loaded jig work, it can assure of stability.
  • Excellent cost performance
    More affordable than conventional encoder specifications.
  • Variety of specifications
    A rotary joint can be equipped. ※Please contact us for more information.

Product Specifications

<Low maintenance>

No periodic backlash adjustment or pitch error compensation is required.

positioningaccuracy noadjustment

<Stable machining>

Direct detection of table indexing position with full-closed loop feedback improves positioning repeatability and enables stable indexing even for jigs with unbalanced loads.


<Applicable NC rotary table>


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