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Top motor type
TUX・TUS series

Suitable for 5 axis machining with horizontal machining centre

TUX・TUS seriesズーム

TUX・TUS series

  • High performance range suitable for 5th axis machining on horizontal machining centres
  • High rigidity for heavy cutting
  • High accuracy
  • Top mounted motor position allows optimal machining area for horizontal 5 axis machining.
  • Air-hydraulic booster provides high clamping torque
  • Air-hydraulic booster or direct hydraulic clamping options available
  • Rotary joint options available
  • Rotary scale can be fitted to further increase accuracy.

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Product Specifications

Model TUX200 TUX250 TUX320
Table Diameter (mm) ø200 ø250 ø320
Centre Hole Diameter (mm) ø75H7 ø105H7 ø130H7
Through Hole Diameter (mm) ø52 ø78 ø110
Centre Height (mm) 140 180 225
Clamping Method Air-hydraulic / Hydraulic Air-hydraulic / Hydraulic Air-hydraulic / Hydraulic
Clamping Torque (N・m)
(at pneumatic 0.45MPa /hydraulic 3.5MPa)
600 1100 2600
Motor Axis Reduced Inertia (kg・m2) 0.00055 0.00068 0.001
(for Fanuc spec.)
αiF 4/5000-B αiF 4/5000-B αiF 8/3000-B
Total Reduction Ratio 1/90 1/90 1/120
Max. Rotation Speed (min-1) 33.3
(at motor 3000min-1)
(at motor 3000min-1)
(at motor 3000min-1)
Allowable Work Inertia
0.50 (1.00) note) 0.98 (1.96) note) 2.24 (4.48) note)
Indexing Accuracy (sec) 20 20 20
Repeatability (sec) 4 4 4
Mass of Product (kg) 80 142 200
Allowable Load Vertical (kg) 100 (200) note) 125 (250) note) 180 (360) note)
Manual Tailstock
(as an option)
Tail Spindle (as an option) MSR142A/TSR142A MSR181A/TSR181A TSR181A45
Rotary Joint (as an option) RJ40H20V02
Hydraulic/Pneumatic 4 ports
Hydraulic/Pneumatic 6 ports
Hydraulic/Pneumatic 6 ports
Outline Drawing Kitagawa own controller spec. 2D -
4th axis spec.
(Fanuc spec.)
Option Outline Drawing Tailstock
Tail Spindle

Note) The values in ( ) are for using TS and TSR.

Model TUS400
Table Diameter (mm) ø320
Face plate (Option) ø400 with T-slots
Centre Hole Diameter (mm) ø190H7
Through Hole Diameter (mm) ø154
Centre Height (mm) 255
Clamping Method Hydraulic
Clamping Torque (N・m)
(at hydraulic 3.5MPa)
Motor Axis Reduced Inertia
Servomotor (for Fanuc spec.) αiF 12/4000-B
αiF 22/3000-B
Total Reduction Ratio 1/90
Max. Rotation Speed (min-1) 22.2
(at motor 2000min-1)
Allowable Work Inertia
5.00 (10.00) Note 2)
Indexing Accuracy (sec) 20
Repeatability (sec) 4
Mass of Product (kg) 300
Allowable Load Vertical (kg) 250 (500) Note 2)
Manual Tailstock
(as an option)
Tail Spindle (as an option) Order Production
Rotary Joint (as an option) 7MPa 6 ports

7MPa 7 ports
(Hyd./Pneu. 6+1 Note 1) )

7MPa 8 ports

25MPa 11 ports
(Hyd./Pneu. 10+1 Note 1))

7MPa 13 ports
(Hyd./Pneu. 12+1 Note 1))
Used with MP scale

7MPa 6 ports

7MPa 8 ports
Used with rotary encoder

7MPa 6 ports
Outline drawing Kitagawa own controler spec. 2D
4th axix
(Fanuc spec.)
Motor case vertical type Motor case horizontal type
Outline drawing of option Tail stock

Note 1) The (+1) port of rotary joints is a multi-purpose hole for pneumatic port, high-pressure coolant, work seating detection sensor, etc. Please tell our sales staff the purpose in advance.

Note 2) The values in ( ) are for using TS and TSR.

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