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Manual chuck

What is the structure of manual chuck.

Please refer to the following.

Scroll Chuck(PDF) Independent Chuck(PDF)

Do you sell back plates for scroll chucks?

We do not sell back plates for scroll chucks.
* Please contact your local dealer to purchase back plates for scroll chucks.

Can short taper type chucks be installed on any manufacturer's machine if the taper size matches?

In case of a short taper type chuck installation, it may be necessary to modify the backplate depending on the machine manufacturer and/or manufacturing year.
We stock chucks with the most common taper. Please contact Kitagawa sales staff for details.

Is it possible to purchase a scroll chuck with internal jaws, external jaws and hard jaws?

It is possible to purchase parts for products currently in production. Please consider purchasing after fully understanding the following.

For the SC series, the external jaws, and internal jaws are installed to the chuck body by actual-thing matching. For this reason, when the jaws are replaced, problems such as the jaws not entering the body or being too loose may occur. Also, since the jaw centre is not ground on the chuck body, gripping accuracy is not guaranteed.

Although it is possible to exchange the external and internal jaws of the JN series, gripping accuracy is not guaranteed because the jaw centre is not ground on the chuck body.

For 2-piece-jaw types such as the JN-T series and JN-RA series, the dedicated hard jaw HBS series is available. However, if only the hard jaw is replaced, a step may occur on the gripping surface between the new hard jaw and the existing master jaw. If this causes any inconvenience, replace the hard jaws together with master jaws. In addition, since the jaw centre is not ground on the chuck body after the hard jaw is replaced, the gripping accuracy is not guaranteed.

In either case, if gripping accuracy is required, please consider purchasing a new chuck.

Please tell me the gripping accuracy of the scroll chuck.

We provide scroll chucks with gripping accuracy within 30μm after assembling. Even if only one part is replaced, the chuck may not return to the original gripping accuracy.

What are the shapes of lathe spindle ends?

There are two types, A1 nose and A2 nose. Please see here for the difference.